We teach Art & Design internationally

Based in Finland, we are a group of experts with working experience in large multi-national corporations and world’s leading Design studios. In our group we also have visionary artists of global acclaim, practicing a variety of art forms. Our subjects include but are not limited to – Digital Experience design, Product & Service design, Performance art, Interaction design, Communication design, Business design, Transportation and mobility design, Sculptures,  Animation film design, Environmental art and Painting. In our courses Design students get to learn about the applicability of skills from an industrial perspective while the Art students get to explore and learn about global impact of their art. Students get to learn about the industry before they step into it.

Choose method

Classroom live

Learning in a classroom environment is immersive. Interacting with others is efficient. Students can freely participate in discussions and share ideas with others. We arrange classroom spaces where students can work in groups.

Online courses & Seminars

Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, remote learning is the only option. In such cases we arrange online courses and seminars. To interact and provide personal attention to every student we structure the course and groups accordingly.  

Project guidance & Reviews

For senior students we also provide project guidance and expert reviews. This can be done remotely or via classroom live.  All materials shared under such contract is dealt with securely and never shared with third party for any reason what so ever.